FAQ on Gate Motor Repairs

Gate Motor Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to repair a faulty gate motor?

It really depends on the amount of damage your gate motor suffered. In extremely rare cases the longest it has taken to fix the circuit board of a gate motor system has been two days since we had to take it to the lab for repairs. Generally, minor gate motor problems can be fixed within a matter of hours if not we’ll within a day.

Can I buy a new gate motor from you if I don’t want to repair the old one?

Yes, you can buy new gate motors directly from us I you don’t want to repair your old gate motor. We generally advice our customers to repair their gate motors in order to save money. Yet, we do understand and respect our customers who wish to install a brand new gate motor in order to avoid future problems.

What other gate motor services do you offer?

We offer the following gate motor services:

  • Gate Motor Repairs
  • Gate Motor Installation
  • Gate Motor Supplies
  • Gate Motor Upgrades
  • Gate Motor Part Replacements

Do you offer any free gate motor services?

We offer free gate motor surveying when customers require a more accurate quotation. Free estimation are offered over the phone. We also offer free repairs for customers who have ordered our repair services within a year.